Full Version: GalaCon 2018
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PlushieCon at GalaCon 2018 on July 28th was the one with the most plushies we had up to this date: you see 680 plushies + one robot (Sweetie Bot - see if you can spot her Rainbowdashwink )

Have some pictures by Risingstar:

[Image: 116-gc2018-1-klein.jpg]

[Image: 117-gc2018-2-klein.jpg]

[Image: 118-gc2018-3-klein.jpg]

[Image: 119-gc2018-4-klein-mittig.jpg]

[Image: 120-gc2018-5-klein.jpg]
You really should check out this Google-photos album by TikeyX:

Linked to Twitter, there's the original link to the photo album. An amazing collection!
360° VR - photo - slideshow of the PlushieCon @GalaCon:

Have fun!